Wildlife Trapping

Professional Trapping

Box trapping is one of Shelton’s Wildlife Removal's main forms of trapping. Although box traps must be checked on a regular basis, they are a practical and humane way to catch animals. Shelton's main area of expertise is trapping. The concept of a box trap relies on the animal wandering into the back of the trap, whether by bait or another interesting object, and the front door shutting to keep them enclosed. Common trapping services Shelton's offers include raccoon trapping and bat trapping. Call today, or contact us here, and get rid of the nuisance animal in your Richmond area home!

  • Another specialty of ours is pigeon trapping, which can prove difficult for untrained homeowners or business owners. We will use live traps for pigeons.
  • We also trap animals like foxes, which can be dangerous to you and your other pets. 
  • Of course, we also trap animals like opossums, raccoons, snakes, and groundhogs.

Fast Removal Results

Trust Shelton’s Wildlife Removal to trap your problem animal and avoid any mishaps in the process. We can trap and remove all wildlife animals, big or small. Call our office today!