Wildlife Prevention

Shelton's Wildlife Removal provides follow-up prevention work after the initial wildlife removal services. Prevention is an important aspect of wildlife control that is often neglected. Shelton's Wildlife Removal knows the importance here! Wildlife animals are persistent and will try to return to their original nesting area. Some methods Shelton's Wildlife Removal uses to keep animals out may include:

  • Vent screening
  • Chimney capping
  • Habitat modification
  • Fence installation

Habitat Modification

Habitat modification can be one of the most beneficial forms of prevention. Shelton's Wildlife Removal will help advise what you can modify to make your property less appealing to wildlife animals. Common areas include woodpiles, bird baths, and outdoor pet food.

Exclusion Materials

A fool proof method of prevention include exclusion materials. Creating a barrier between your home and the wildlife animals outside will be effective in keeping animals out long-term. Shelton's Wildlife Removal has experience in installing exclusion materials professionally. Keeping your home looking nice... And critter free!