Wildlife Damage Repairs

Wildlife animals can be extremely destructive when nesting within your home. Shelton's Wildlife Removal offers professional repair services to help you restore your home to its pre-wildlife state. Call today for your free consultation and free estimate, or send us a note here!

Common Wildlife Damage

Wildlife animals will create many different damages in Richmond homes. All wildlife damage is dangerous and can lead to much worse problems. Call Shelton's Wildlife Removal for top wildlife damage repairs.

Wildlife Damage to Walls - Wall damage comes in many forms. Walls can have a surface stain from mice and other greasy animals rubbing against them. Drywall can be nibbled through by critters. Another common wall repair is replacing insulation.

Foundation Holes - Rats are known for chewing through concrete if it has already been loosened. Wildlife will also dig at the base of your home, causing holes through which they can enter your crawlspace and walls. This also weakens the structure of your home, which can be dangerous and expensive.

Ceiling or Basement Damage - Urine and feces accumulate quickly in confined spaces like this. Because basements are dark and isolated, they are a common spot for animals to end up. We will use deodorizers and cleaners to take care of stains.

Chimney Destruction - A common chimney dweller, whether on purpose or accidentally, is the raccoon. Raccoons can be kept out by installing chimney screens.

Repairs & Prevention

A lot of our damage repair methods will second as preventative measures. A few repair methods that will also keep wildlife out, include:

  • Metal flashing
  • Steel mesh
Full-Service Wildlife Damage Repairs
  • Soffit repairs
  • Eaves repairs
  • Attic repairs
  • Insulation replacement
  • Drywall repairs