Wildlife Control Services

Bat In Attic.Are you hearing scratching or thumping in your attic? You may have a wildlife control problem. These situations can be frightening and overwhelming. Shelton's Wildlife Removal is here to help! We offer wildlife control in Spotsylvania and the surrounding area. We control Virginia's most common wildlife and also repair any damage those little critters have caused. Our control methods are safe and effective. Call today, or contact us HERE.

Wildlife We Service

Shelton's Wildlife Removal has experience handling all animals in Spotsylvania and the surrounding Virginia area. Give us a call to help with any wildlife problem you may be facing.

Common animals we service include:

  • Rats - rat proofing, rat trapping, removing rats from the attic, etc.
  • Raccoons - raccoon proofing, raccoon removal, raccoon trapping, etc.
  • Mice - mice proofing, mice trapping, removing mice from attic, etc.
  • Skunks - skunk removal, skunk trapping, etc.
  • Birds - bird proofing, bird management, bird spikes, bird netting, etc.
  • Beavers - beaver trapping, beaver removal, etc.
  • Opossums - opossum trapping, opossum proofing, remove opossum from home, etc.
  • Snakes - snake trapping, remove snake from home, etc.

Fast Control Results

Wildlife animals will create extensive damage in your home within a short amount of time. Shelton's Wildlife Removal knows the urgency when dealing with an animal in the home. We will identify your problem and set up appropriate trapping and removal methods quickly. Our extensive wildlife knowledge will result in fast results. Once the wildlife is removed we will begin repairing the damages and preventing future wildlife problems. Call us today!