Crawl Space Restoration

Animals are often found living in crawl spaces because they are the ideal nesting spot – safe from nature's elements, dark, and protected from enemies. Are you suspecting an unwanted crawl space critter? Contact Shelton's Wildlife Removal for help! There could be more problems than you are aware of.

Noises in the Crawl Space

Noises will be the first sign of a wildlife living in your crawl space. You may hear scratching noises or scurrying late night or early morning. We recommend calling professionals at first sign! This could limit the amount of potential damages. All animals will make different noises throughout different time of day. Try and narrow down when you are hearing the noises as it could help your technician identify the animal living in your crawl space! Your technician will conduct an inspection to identify any entry areas and create a plan of removal.

Damage Repairs and Prevention

Once the animal is removed, your technician will create a plan to repair damages, clean up the mess, and prevent future invasions. An animal can create enormous amount of damage under your home. Shelton's technicians will repair the damage using professional methods that will also act as a preventative to keep animals out in the future. Call us today!