Chimney Caps & Screening

Chimney caps and screens serve many purposes and will benefit your home in many ways.

Keep Animals Out of Chimney

Your chimney is large enough for many different animals to utilize as an entry. Shelton's Wildlife Removal will prevent future wildlife damage and install a chimney cap/screen to keep animals out for good!

Natural Elements

Chimney caps and screens will keep snow, sleet and rain out of your chimney. This is extremely important protection that will keep your chimney and home from damaging. Sunlight does not reach within a chimney. Once a chimney gets wet it will stay wet.


It is also important to keep twigs and leaves out of your chimney. These materials will cause blockage and other problems for your home.


It is just as important for chimney caps and screens to keep things in, as it is to keep things out. The cap and screen will work as a spark arrestor, keeping sparks and embers in the chimney and keeping the risk of outside fires low.