Carcass Removal

Wildlife animals will occasionally die inside of your home. This dead animal carcass will create terrible odors and may potentially lead to an insect infestation. Shelton's Wildlife Removal has experience in finding and removing dead animal carcasses. Once the carcass is removed, your technician will deodorize and clean the remaining area.

Dead Animal Outside of Home

Call Shelton's Wildlife Removal to get rid of the dead animal on your property. Dead animals outside are usually fairly simple to take care of. It can be a difficult process when the animal enters an enclosed space before dying. Shelton's will remove carcasses from any enclosed area they may be located.

Dead Animal Inside of Home

Shelton's Wildlife Removal offers expert experience in finding the dead animal in your home and removing it. A common sign of a dead animal is a terrible odor. Other times residents have noticed an increase of bugs (specifically flies and black/brown beetles). Contact Shelton's Wildlife Removal if you have found a dead animal outside or suspect an animal carcass in your home.