Bat Exclusion

More frequent in the warmer months, bats are a common wildlife problem in Virginia. Shelton's has had extensive experience in excluding bats from homes and outbuildings. Our team will use multiple methods of excluion in order to keep bats out for good!

Bat Proofing

Shelton's Wildlife Removal will install barriers to effectively keep the bats out. We can install screens, one-way vents, and repair damages caused by bats. These small creatures can get into holes as small as a quarter inch, so we will carefully locate and seal any potential entry points.

Habitat Modifications

Bat Exclusion ScreeningThere are many steps that a homeowners can complete to help keep bats away. Limiting water on the property will limit bugs, bats number one diet of choice. Looking for more information on how to keep bats away from your home? Give us a call!