Attic Restoration

Residents often forget that there is still work to be done after a wildlife infestation. Wildlife animals tend to cause excessive destruction inside attics, but we can help.

Restoring Insulation in Attic

Restoring attics often involves the important process of replacing damaged insulation, which can be dangerous if attempted yourself. Some items we will perform after removing the animal include:

  • Feces and urine removal/cleaning
  • Insulation removal
  • Removing any material that the animal has potentially used for nesting purposes
  • Ensuring your attic has the correct amount of insulation
  • Cleaning and removing any dangerous parasites/illnesses that may be present

Attic Restoration Professionals

Shelton's Wildlife Removal has the experience and know-how to restore your attic and get it into the ideal shape for maximum energy efficiency and safety for your family. Call Shelton's today for help with attic restoration and insulation repair services!