Addressing Noises in Attic

Wild animals most frequently nest inside attics due to nesting materials and protection from outside elements. You will likely hear scratching in the morning or thumping at night. Call Shelton's Wildlife Removal if you are suspicious of an animal living in your attic.

Noises in the Attic

Noises in the attic is a sure sign of wildlife infestation. Squirrels will make noise at different times than a raccoon will — so be sure to keep a note of what noises you are hearing and when. This information will be helpful while the technician is inspecting your home. Once the animals are removed from your attic, your technician will create a plan to repair the damages and prevent future issues. Some of the most common types of noises that you may hear in your Richmond home include:

Thumping - A thumping noise is likely a bigger animal like a raccoon or opossum. The thumping you hear may be the animal dragging an object, jumping/hopping, or shoving.

Scratching - Almost all types of animals will scratch in your attic (or walls). If you are hearing these noises at night, your animal is likely nocturnal. Nocturnal animals include raccoons and mice.

Noises During the Day - Most animals that get into your attic are active at night, but if you're hearing these noises in the daytime, your culprit is likely a squirrel. Squirrels often roll nuts across attic floors during the day. Raccoons can also be a possibility, although they are more than likely active during the night.

Vocal Noises - Raccoons (especially babies) are very chatty animals — they are often heard chattering or growling above residents in attics. 

Damage Repairs and Prevention

Your technician will use professional methods while repairing damages in your attic. The repairs will second as preventative measures that will help keep animals out of your attic. Call Shelton's Wildlife Removal today to discuss the animal in your attic.