Squirrels are remarkably destructive creatures and despite their rather small size, they can cause a serious amount of damage inside your home. Many homeowners in Richmond and the nearby area report complaints of unsettling noises in the attic. If this sounds like something you are facing in your own home, or if you have seen other signs of squirrel activity during the day, call Shelton's Wildlife Removal as soon as possible!

Signs of Squirrels in The Home

There are many signs you may notice when a squirrel is nesting in your home. An increase of squirrel activity near your home, specifically around the roofline, can be a sure sign of squirrel infestation as well. Give us a call if you have squirrels in the home.

  • Squirrel Noises - Squirrels are VERY active creatures. They are active during the day, like humans, so you will likely hear their activity in your home. 
  • Preferred Squirrel Areas in Your Home - You will likely hear rustling, jumping or scratching noises in your attic or walls.
  • Squirrel Damage to Your Home - Squirrels' behavior tends to be especially destructive to the integrity of your home, including ripped shingles and soiled/ripped insulation.
  • Squirrel Droppings - Similar to rat droppings, squirrel droppings are nearly half an inch long and rounded at the ends.

Common Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are capable of significant damage inside the home. They chew on building structures and wires, creating a risk of electrical fires inside your home. Squirrels will soil your insulation with their feces and droppings, lowering your home's efficiency. Get rid of squirrels today. Call us for squirrel trapping and removal services!

Our Squirrel Services

Shelton’s Wildlife Removal has the professional and effective squirrel services you need. We offer professional squirrel trapping and long-term squirrel proofing services. Get rid of squirrels in your home quickly. Call Shelton’s today!

Contact Us To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Shelton’s Wildlife Removal is your professional company for effective squirrel control services. We will get the job done right the first time! Give us a call today.