Although one of the most infamous reputations of any wildlife animal, snakes are usually not out to get humans. You may see these misunderstood creatures slithering among the grass in your yard, or possibly curled up in your home somewhere. If you notice a sign of snakes in your garden or elsewhere on your property, call Shelton's to remove these wiggling creatures.

Signs of Snake Activity

  • Curved trail marks in dirt or sand, or mashed down grass
  • Dead snakeskin

Snake Problems

Snakes actually do not cause many problems, but the most likely snake problem is a snake bite. Snakes may hiss and strike if they feel threatened, so do not approach them. 

Snake Removal Services

Most snakes are just passing through and do not wish to settle down on your property, but nonetheless, if you don’t want them on your property, give Shelton’s a call. We provide snake trapping services and can also implement snake prevention techniques.