Skunks are a common wildlife animal in Richmond and the surrounding area. They are stinky and can create serious landscaping damage. Do you smell a skunk around your home? Give us a call today.

Signs of Skunk Problems

Skunks are easily identifiable by their terrible odor of a defense mechanism. They may also be spotted foraging through your garden or yard. If you suspect a skunk under your porch, or living too close for comfort, call Shelton’s!

Common Skunk Damage

Skunks are animals that create a big STINK for homeowners. These critters will tear apart your yard and gardens in search of food. They are also known to spray pets, get caught in window wells, and more. Have you spotted a skunk running through your yard? Call us!

Our Skunk Services

Shelton’s Wildlife Removal team has the professional skunk control that you need. We will trap and remove skunks quickly and safely. Live traps are used to trap skunks and remove them from your property without harm.

Contact Us To Get Rid Of Skunks

Shelton’s Wildlife Removal is your company for fast and effective skunk control. We are experienced and knowledgeable in skunk habits and diets, making our trapping solutions quick and safe.