Problems with rats in homes is common for Spotsylvania and the surrounding areas. Rats are closely related to mice, but their damages are far more severe. Call Shelton's Wildlife Removal for a free inspection, rodent trapping, and other services to keep rats out for good!

Signs of Rat Infestation

Finding rat droppings in your home is the first sign of a rat control problem. Rats are also responsible for noises in the attic, including scratching and scampering. Rats need to chew almost constantly! This will cause significant damage to your trim boards, books, and furniture. Finding gnaw marks on your food containers can also be a sign of rats in the home.

Common Rat Damage

Rats cause severe damage when nesting in an attic or other areas of a home. Rats carry diseases that can be transmitted to you and your family. Common rat damage found in the home include:

  • Bite marks
  • Ripped insulation and potential fire hazards near electrical boxes
  • Dangerous droppings and urine that can contain deadly diseases like plague, hantavirus, or leptospirosis.

Our Rat Services

At Shelton’s Wildlife Removal, our expertise is trapping. Rats multiply quickly and carry transmittable diseases, so we recommend contacting a professional to help you get rid of rats for good! Contact Shelton's Wildlife Removal for a free inspection today.

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If you suspect a rat problem in your home or on your property, contact Shelton’s Wildlife Removal. The problem will get out of hand if you ignore it, so please contact us immediately.