Groundhogs are a problem for residents in Richmond and the surrounding area. These animals are capable of costly damage. Shelton’s Wildlife Removal has experience in groundhog trapping and groundhog damage repair. Give us a call today and schedule your appointment.

Signs of Groundhog Problems

Groundhogs are not commonly caught in the act of creating yard damage. There are many signs of infestation that you are able to watch for, including:

  • Chewing damage on underground cables
  • Tracks in/around gardens
  • Spaced 4 to 12 inches apart
  • Paw imprints with 4 toes on the front, 5 toes on the back
  • Curved claws on the front paws
  • Front paw immediately followed by the rear track
  • Round to oval pellets

Common Groundhog Damage

Groundhogs will damage gardens, landscaping, and fruit or ornamental trees. They will consume grasses, clover, garden vegetables, berries, and more. Groundhogs will gnaw on trees to help wear down their teeth. Groundhogs develop costly damage quickly. Call Shelton’s Wildlife Removal for professional groundhog damage repair.

Our Groundhog Services

Shelton’s has professional and experienced technicians. Our groundhog trapping will get rid of the animal quickly. To help keep groundhogs from returning and causing more damage, your technician may install fencing or make some recommendations of clearing tall grass, weeds or brush piles.

Contact Us To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

Shelton’s Wildlife Removal has long-term solutions for Groundhog problems. We offer groundhog trapping, groundhog damage repair and groundhog prevention. Give us a call today or contact us online.