Homeowners commonly find birds nesting in vents and creating damage to field crops. Birds in Virginia create problems for residents and businesses. Shelton's Wildlife Removal has bird control solutions for your problem! Call today for a free inspection!

Signs of a Bird Problem

The presence of many birds is the sure sign of a bird problem. Other signs of a bird control problem include:

  • Large amount of waste
  • Nests/nesting materials

Bird Damage

Birds will cause damage to building materials, soil/pull attic insulation, and cause a fire hazard within vents.

Our Bird Removal Services

Birds can be difficult to get rid of and keep away from your property, especially if you are untrained. Shelton’s is experienced in keeping birds away for good. We will use traps and prevention methods to discourage birds from being on your buildings.

Contact Us

Contact Shelton’s Wildlife Removal if the birds on your property are too populous for comfort. We do not recommend handling the birds yourself, but give us a call. We can trap these flying fiends and keep them out of your hair for good.