Beavers do not generally enter homes but they still cause problems for Virginia homes and businesses. These problems directly affect the structure of your home and property. Shelton's Wildlife Removal offers beaver trapping, repair, and prevention. Call us today for your free inspection.

Signs of a Beaver

Beavers create a mess of debris. There are many signs of a beaver control problem near your home, including:

  • Flooded dams
  • Tail slapping noises
  • Large holes near bodies of water

Beaver Damage

Beaver damage is similar to the physical signs that a beaver is present. Homes in Virginia may face severe flooding and water damage due to beaver damage. Other damages include:

  • Dams
  • Downed timber
  • Large holes near in bodies of water

Beaver Removal Services

We have extensive experience in trapping of beavers, so trust us to get rid of your problem! Call Shelton's Wildlife Removal for top beaver trapping, repairs, and beaver prevention. Get your free inspection today!